Acrylic Print - Styler Jetty 7 - Size: 120x80 cm


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Acrylic Print - Styler Jetty 7 is a great idea for modern interior design. It is ideally suited to original solutions and is an interesting alternative to traditional wall decorations such as glass panels or kitchen decorative glass. Printing on acrylic glass attracts attention due to the saturation of colors and beautifies the representative room. Paintings on acrylic glass are lightweight, easy to clean and moisture resistant, making them suitable for living room, bedroom, bathroom or terrace. The glass image gains an amazing 3D effect thanks to the light transmission. More >>
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Styler is an important producer of pictures, mirrors and other home decorations. Thanks to high quality products, it is one of the largest manufacturers in the EU and is the exclusive supplier for the largest chains in the Home and Garden category. We are very proud to be the first online partner of this brand and we can introduce these products on the Internet.


Pictures on acrylic glass, Pictures
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pier, sea, birds, grass, water, still life
Acrylic glass
Picture type
120x80 cm
Shiny, Smooth