Acrylic Print - Wild Beach

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Acrylic Print - Wild Beach is a great idea for modern interior design. Ideally suited to original solutions and is an interesting alternative to traditional wall decorations such as glass panels or kitchen decorative glass. Printing on acrylic glass attracts attention due to the saturation of colors and beautifies the representative room. Paintings on acrylic glass are lightweight, easy to clean and moisture resistant, making them suitable for living room, bedroom, bathroom or terrace. Acrylic Print gets an amazing 3D effect thanks to light transmission. More >>
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Acrylic Prints retain all the advantages of the classic printing on glass without its drawbacks - high weight and fragility. They are made from exceptionally valuable material in interior design, Polymethyl methacrylate. This polymer, commonly referred to as acrylic glass or plexiglass, is similar to ordinary glass, colorless and solid. Just like glass does not change the color under the influence of UV radiation and has a very high light transmission (more than 90%). Unlike glass, it is half lighter and definitely much more durable and more elastic.


Skleněný obraz      Skleněný obraz


Painting on plexiglass provides three-dimensional depth and shine. Printing on acrylic glass is a great choice for those who like a practical solution.

High resistance
Acrylic glass is much more resistant to damage than ordinary glass and does not deform.

High light transmission
The high transparency of the acrylic ensures a glossy surface and a higher color intensity.

Safe for children
Made of non-shattering material

Smooth surface
The surface of the acrylic glass remains smooth and scratch resistant.

Hanging image
It is incredibly simple and takes only a few minutes thanks to the invisible hooks on the back of the picture. Hanging elements are part of the set. On the back of the picture are also pads that have a stabilizing and protective function.

Lighter than glass
Acrylic glass is 50% lighter than conventional glass.

Additional UV protection
The colors used are resistant to sunlight.


Pictures on acrylic glass, Pictures
Bílá Blue Light blue Brown Beige
landscape, summer, sea, beach, sand, sun
Acrylic glass
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120x40cm, 135x45 cm
Shiny, Smooth