Canvas print - Majestic Trees - Size: 120x40 cm



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Unleash the imagination and brighten any room. Highest quality painting „Majestic Trees " we print on special flizeline basis linen, which reproduces the colors ideally. Non-woven canvas is printed on both sides and clamped on the back of the picture. That creates a plastic effect. More >>
Manufacturer: Bimago. Product code: PBA2-N441999 Categories: Pictures landscape

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Highest quality printing!
Special kind of canvas in connection with the appropriate highest resolution print guarantees an ideal sharpness of the image and depth of colour.
The sides of the image are printed
The picture requires no additional framework and is immediately ready for hanging up.
Ecological and unscented
It can to be used it in the bedroom as well as in the children's room.
UV protection
The colors do not fade, even by the exposure to the sun.
Secure packing
Before dispatching our pictures are wrapped in an bubble foil,  and then pack up  into a cardboard box.


Pictures, Canvas prints
Red Green multicolored
landscape, landscape painting, forest, leaves, plants, sun, trees, Nature
Non-woven canvas
120x40 cm, 135x45 cm
Picture type
blindframe standard
Smooth, Semigloss


Plátno, kvalita a obraz jako takový je skvělý. Strašně dlouho jsme hledali obraz lesa, na kterém nebude sytě dobarvovaná zelená, ale bude to působit o ... more

Brali jsme největší rozměr obrazu a přesto je pro nás poměrně malý. Myslím, že by si zasloužil, aby ho výrobce nabízel ještě ve větších formátech. more

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