Wall mural - Komar Winnie Expedition


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You will not find a child who does not want to have this beautiful Komar Winnie Expedition wallpaper in kidsroom that will flood the whole room with a sense of uniqueness. This type of wallpaper is designed to be wall-mounted, with very simple and fast applications. In addition, this 100% vlies allows air to pass and allows the walls to breathe. More >>
Manufacturer: Komar. Product code: 4-411 Categories: Wallpapers for kids

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The German brand Komar, founded in 1967, is one of the world's most important wallpapers and wall murals. Their goal is, as they say, to offer their customers wallpapers to help them decorate the most important place in the world - their homes - in an original and attractive way.

The fact that wallpapers from Germany are known at first glance (even touch) thanks to their first-class print quality and sharpness. Choose from more than 300 wallpapers which portray, among other things, Marvel, Disney or National Geographic motifs.


Wall murals for kids, Fototapety, Wall Murals, For kids
White Grey Orange Green Brown Beige
Disney, bear, for kids, trees, tiger, nature, animals
Paper wallpaper
254x184 cm
Disney + Star Wars Edition 2