Room Dividers

Screens and room dividers

Screens returns in high-quality and luxury design. Previously, it was a very popular part of our homes and workplaces. Now this trend is returning and screens become a highly popular decoration and practical aid in homes, homes and apartments.

Wooden room dividers with quality non woven canvas

Each screen has a solid 3cm wooden frame. For easy folding, the individual parts are joined by metal hinges. The screens have a variety of motifs that are printed by Full HD manufacturers on the canvas. The sides of the screens protect the satin ribbon and the floor from scratching with the practical feet.

Room dividers and screens separates space perfectly

Room dividers and screens do not only function as a screen, but they become a very stylish accessory. They act as protectors of privacy, replacing costly built partitions and highlighting the overall design of our interior. You can elegantly create space in a nursery, a large apartment or hide a clothes dryer behind it. The screens fit into the interior of apartments and houses, as well as restaurants and offices.

Different themes and patterns of screens

Room dividers and screens have different motifs and the selection is so wide that everyone can choose. The luxurious screen is a timeless decoration of any interior. With our screens, your interior will be absolutely amazing.