Wall stickers for women

Our wall stickers are also for women. The heart-shaped romance patterns are perfect for women. Etheric butterflies, flower motifs and clothes hangers are tailor-made for women. The lamp sticker, under which you can read your favorite book in your favorite corner, will make every corner and corner more comfortable. There are dog pets and stickers with elements of meditation or esotericism carrying peace and quiet. With our stickers you can decorate the kitchens and dining rooms, which are the heart of every house or apartment. Even your favorite celebrities can keep an eye on you and they will keep you company. With our stickers your life will be much nicer.

Wall stickers made of the highest quality materials

For the production of stickers we use vinyl foils of the German manufacturer Oracal. These films are specially developed for decoration on interior walls and are completely harmless. Moreover, the advantage is that we will create stickers inexpensively because we print and process them directly in our production.

Appliying stickers

You can stick our stickers on the wall - smooth and rough plaster, wooden surfaces, glass, mirrors or ceramic tiles. Wall stickers hold very well on almost any surface, but they can also peel off without damaging the wall. Each sticker is supplied with transfer foil and for orders. Find out more about sticking stickers here.