GLIX wall stickers are made of extraordinarily high quality material, made of vinyl foil by the German manufacturer Oracal. The stickers are made of a soft PVC film with high adhesion and a strong adhesive, which can be easily removed without damaging the wall. They can be glued on different surfaces, not only on the wall, but also on wood, glass, tiles or a mirror. You do not have to stick the stickers just on the wall, it is also suitable for car, motorbike, notebook, furniture, where you think.

Music - wall decal

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Birds - wall decal

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Wall stickers and their advantages

Our product range includes wall stickers small, medium and large, while maintaining a large selection of different colors and patterns. You can select wall stickers using the parameters in our menu on the left.

Versatility of wall stickers

Wall stickers fit everywhere, into the hall, dining room and bedroom, for children to the nursery. You can also decorate your car with a car, computer, notebook, wardrobe and other furniture, windows or doors. Basically, you can place the stickers on the wall with a few ideas and hold them there.

Wall stickers for kids

Stickers in the nursery it is a story in itself. Kids love color pictures! That's why they are wall stickers for kids the perfect choice for a nursery. You can choose from many colors, patterns, shapes, fairy tale characters and popular children's heroes. Turn children's label into a fantasy world!

Wall stickers on demand

Didn't you choose? Never mind, you can make your own wall stickers! You can choose a photobank theme with more than 30 million photos or create a unique self-adhesive decoration from your own photo. And you can feel free, we will send you a graphic suggestion before processing.

Applying the wall sticker

Sticking the wall stickers is simple and requires no special abilities.

Always read the procedure first, however, as the stickers stick properly.

  1. Place a sticker on the wall or other surface, transparent paper towards you.
  2. Stick the adhesive tapes to the corners and half of the image.
  3. Carefully peel off the sticker to the middle of the image where you placed the tape.
  4. Cut off the underlying paper in the middle of the image.
  5. Gently transfer the sticker onto the wall by removing the spatula, removing any bubbles.
  6. Apply the same procedure to the second part of the picture.

Your satisfaction with our wall stickers is our priority, so we can guarantee your satisfaction with the product, otherwise we will refund the money.