Permanent, waterproof and scratch-resistant vlies and vinyl wallpaper with abstract motif.

Abstraktní a grafické fototapety na zeď zdůrazňující především zajímavé křivky, barvy, geometrické tvary i formy uspořádání vzorů. Abstrakce experimentálně využívá zejména krajní možnosti v umění a podněcuje naši fantazii. Abstraktní tapety dokonale vykreslují geometrické tvary a linie, tvoří uspořádané, ale i neuspořádané vzory a mají v sobě vskutku nekonečnou hravost i nápaditost. Místnosti, ve kterých dominují fototapety s motivy abstrakce, jsou doslova nabité pozitivní energií a vyzařuje z nich dotek dokonalého umění. Fototapety se hodí do každé místnosti v bytě i domu, ale také do kavárny, restaurace a jiných komerčních prostor. Abstraktní tapety mohou působit pokaždé jiným dojmem. Abstraktní vzory vám vytvoří v interiéru nadčasový a jedinečný vzhled. 

Vlies wallpapers are glued with glue. It can be glued in every room, even in the kitchen or bathroom. It creates a warm insulating layer and allows the walls to breathe.

Vinyl wallpapers are printed on vinyl with a coarse, matte finish and a durable nonwoven fabric. This type of material is resistant to deformation and stretching, in addition, it releases water vapor so the walls of your interior can "breathe". Bonding of vinyl photos is simple: we apply adhesive only to the surface of the wall, which reduces the risk of damage to the wallpaper and also allows fine adjustment when laying it. This photo frame masks all wall irregularities and UV printing technology guarantees the highest color quality.

You can also order each vinyl wallpaper as a self-adhesive. This special, matte, self-adhesive photo wallpaper made of vinyl foil is suitable for smooth and coarse walls. This material, thanks to its thinness and strong adhesive, adheres very well to the surface to be glued and leaves the structure of the wall very well. Easily stick to the wall without the use of glue.

High-quality printing
Digital quality printing with a resolution of up to 600 dpi in unique technology as well as vibrant colors makes that the fleece wallpaper fills your interior and enlarges it.
Easy installation
The wallpaper consists of strips, which are convienient in assembling, with a width of 50cm.
Ecological and safe
Using safe materials, we can recommend our patterns also for the bedroom as well as for the room of your children.
Safe packaging
The wallpaper is rolled in and brand new packed from the factory into a rigid cardboard, which guarantees safety in the transportation. Each cardboard with the wallpaper contains an installation instruction.
Grammage: 120g/sqm
Width of 1 role: 50cm
Printing technique: laser (thermally-hardened printing).
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Money back guarantee

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Wide selection of goods

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