Wallpaper - Fontana

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We offer vlies and vinyl wallpapers of the highest quality.

Wallpaper made of vlies material (fiber pulp) guarantees strength, washability, color fastness of the wallpaper and especially its long life. Wallpapers can simply change the look of your room and add it to a brand new atmosphere according to the pattern you choose. The advantage of vlies wallpaper is its easy gluing and removal and perfect breathability.

Vlies wallcoverings are suitable for all substrates, walls, walls, ceilings, etc., with all kinds of internal plasters, plasterboard, concrete panels, underlying wallpapers, chipboards, etc. They are especially suitable for walls with cracks in the substrate, stabilize the pressure on sensitive substrates (soft fiber boards, etc.).

Vinyl wallpapers are recommended to be glued to walls that are crooked or cracked. They are suitable for all rooms, including bathrooms. They can be cleaned by washing. The adhesive is applied to the back of the wallpaper.